Building out Furniture

Our sofas reflect the people we manufacture them for. We create sofas to match your space.

We are 100% committed to quality. From the fabric we source, to the quality of the craftsmanship we put into each sofa we create.

-SBF Family

When we were asked to create a custom sofa to meet our client’s needs, we thought it was going to be a one time event. Ten years later, we have created hundreds of sofas, many tailored to meet the vision our client had in mind.

Our pieces don’t simply fill a space, they are created to blend seamlessly into it.

White living room set

Who we are…

Smart By Furniture, Inc. is a family-owned and operated business specializing in sectional and love seat sofa manufacturing and customization, for both residential and commercial applications. We pride ourselves in providing our customers stylish furniture at reasonable prices; the furniture you want, customized to match the look you want. Whether it’s a sofa made to fit a certain space or in a color or material that no one else can provide, we take pleasure in making our customers’ imagination come to life.

Open six days a week, we offer a wide selection of customization options as well a selection of ready made sofas. In addition, we offer other furniture selections through out partners to compliment our sofas.